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Explore Opportunities to Engage with SCLC and Join Us in our Mission and Vision

  • Employment at SCLC
    SCLC continually seeks dedicated and passionate individuals to join our team. We currently have open positions for applicants with proficiency in various languages. Please visit our careers page for further information regarding agency employment opportunities. SCLC is always on the lookout for dedicated individuals, including contractors, to contribute to our mission. If you're interested in contracting opportunities, please refer to our career page for more information or contact us at to explore the possibility of becoming a contractor with us. We value the unique contributions that contractors bring to our team and appreciate your interest in being a part of our community.
  • Contribution and Sponsorship
    As a nonprofit organization, we greatly rely on the support and generosity of our funders, sponsors, and volunteers. Your support is fundamental to our mission and growth.
    • Make a Donation: No contribution is too small. Every cent is channeled towards aiding immigrant, refugee, and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) communities. [Paypal link]

    • Sponsorship: Consider sponsoring one of our events or programs.

  • Volunteer for SCLC
    Volunteering with us provides an opportunity to participate in events, contribute to ongoing programs, or offer assistance on an as-needed basis. Your time with SCLC is a vital component of our collaborative community efforts, supporting our mission and vision.
    • Volunteer on Your Terms: You have the flexibility to volunteer one-time for a specific event, become a regular volunteer, or offer your expertise based on your availability. Any time you can spare will be greatly appreciated, and your commitment is a valuable contribution to our cause.
    • Language Experts: If you are fluent in languages other than English, we welcome your expertise. We frequently receive requests for interpretation services, and your contribution can significantly impact our outreach. Please connect with us to become a part of our linguistic volunteer pool.
    • Artists and Writers: As the saying goes, "art and poetry are what we live for." Share your artistic and literary talents by assisting with newsletters, publishing success stories, and organizing cultural events that foster unity through art and poetry.
    • Digital Professionals: If you have a few minutes to spare, please consider helping us manage our social media presence and website. We consistently require dedicated volunteers for these crucial tasks.
    • Photographers and Videographers: If you have a camera at your disposal and a desire to enhance your skills, you can support our initiatives by assisting with podcasts, video logs, and capturing images and videos during our events.
    • Event Coordinators: If you possess a passion for design and planning, your skills in event coordination would be invaluable to us.
    • Leverage Your Skills: Whether you're proficient in yoga instruction, art education, parenting guidance, meditation leadership, or any other skill, we welcome your expertise. Your unique talents can play a pivotal role in uniting diverse communities under the SCLC banner.
  • Become Our Partner:
    You can partner with our agency to disburse resources and referrals to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) communities in their languages. Your support in this capacity is instrumental in extending our impact and reach.
  • Outreach for SCLC:
    In addition to direct participation, you can also contribute to SCLC by spreading the good word about our agency. We believe that everyone is an ambassador for the languages and cultures they represent. You can become an SCLC ambassador by actively promoting cultural diversity and sharing our mission with your network. Your advocacy and outreach efforts are invaluable in furthering our cause and fostering a deeper understanding of the richness of diverse cultures.
  • Join our board of directors:
    Join us and support Sacramento Cultural and Linguistic Center’s mission to promote cultural and linguistic diversity. Your expertise and passion are vital to our organization's success. If you're interested in making a significant impact, please contact us at We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

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